Hi, Im Gareth Cadogan, a 40 year old Welshman, a voice artist, a husband and a proud daddy. I am seeking to become a full time creative starting my very own business. Looking to ditch the shirt and tie and replace a full time job I like for one I absolutely love.

Early in my career I qualified as a teacher while working as a project manager, with the ambition on teaching drama and being a freelance creative. Each time I moved to pursue teaching/freelancing I achieved a career breakthrough and have, to date, remained as a project manager.

The birth of my little boy Jac, flicked a switch in me to pursue a dream of becoming a self-employed creative. A lifelong ambition I finally have the opportunity to realise. I have been busy studying all the aspects of voice artistry needed to become a paid professional. This includes the technical skills of recording and performing.

Little Jac

I have been acting all of my life since being cast as the star of the school play way back when, in primary school. This love and flair for performing coupled with an affinity for accents and characterisation; has served me well in a range of productions over the years.

Project Types

I know I have the talent, I am a consummate professional and very hard worker. I would love to get involved with you on a range of projects which could include:

  • E – Learning
  • Gaming
  • Radio
  • Audiobooks
  • Voice Acting
  • Documentaries
  • Narration
  • TV Spots
  • Sports Commentary
  • Personal Assistants
  • AI Voice Work

My Range

My principle range is a relatable male with a British accent with a warm Welsh tint. I am able to deliver an older voice and young adult; however the mainstay of my work has been in the middle age category although I have a wide age range and am comfortable taking direction; as any actor should be.

In terms of accents I am well versed in all aspects of Welsh dialects, also standard English – BBC Received pronunciation – a posh gentleman, and regional accents such as Cockney, South East, Northern. I am comfortable with a Scottish accent, Irish (North and Republic), South African, Australian, European bad guy, Russian, Italian, Spanish, Indian, French; North American, Italian American, Deep South and Texan.

Characters & Styles

My range and acting experience coupled with my grasp of accents allows me to deliver on a wide range of characters. Being in receipt of professional voice coaching has also enabled me to find more variety; using muscles in parts of my mouth I didn’t even know I had. I can portray a wide range of characters and for an example of these please feel free to check out my portfolio of showreels.


To work with me please visit the contact page and request a quotation, I am open to many aspects of work and my rates are as competitive as my standards of work. Or if you simply want to keep in touch visit the subscribe page and simple drop us your email address.

Thanks for reading and for your time.