Becoming A Voice Artist – Where To Start

When I first had the idea for this blog, I wanted to liken the approach of becoming a voice artist with the movie Batman Begins; so bear with me here.

To become a voice artist you need to to develop and channel your talents; and no shortage of drive. You will need a little money, a bat-cave of sorts filled with some gadgets – to be able to work at night. In all honesty, at this point, the comparisons with the dark knight started to run a little dry (suggestions welcome in comments). A bullet proof car and punching people in the face aren’t essential requirements, neither is a butler named Alfred; though sometimes they may come in handy I suppose.

The Ingredients

“In choosing to embark on this journey, you have empowered yourself to become something more, something you may have always known was in there…”

This blog is aimed at those who are at the Bruce Wayne stage of VO. Having the essential raw ingredients, the ability and the drive to develop yourself; coupled with the motivation to achieve something special. Above all things, the ability to get back up and keep going – no matter what.

For me, my goal is to become self-employed, to replace my “day job” salary with an honest wage, made from talent and mixed with a lot of hard work. Throw in some hustle – the ability to read and speak – and your on your way.

This blog will be an honest account of my experiences and developments. The only thing I am trying to sell here is my voice services to clients; the rest is pure honest reflection with the aim to help others along the same path.

Where The Hell Do I Start?

My advice for those with little to no experience is to get some…but first things first. In becoming a voice artist you will need to get some essentials which include the following:

  • Microphone (not USB ideally)
  • Audio Interface
  • Computer
  • Somewhere quiet to record

I am not going to write about the do’s and the dont’s on the above, as there are many detailed articles out there – as an example click here for a link to a great outline from

Soak Up The Free Content

The first starting point for you should be research, then some more research and then a lot (like a lot) of research. You are in luck though, as there are so many great free resources out there. These include podcasts, webinars, videos and of course blogs. Be like a sponge and soak up all of the free material you can; then decide where to invest your cash.

You will find that there are lots of paid-for services out there, monthly subscriptions but lots come with free elements which are very useful.

Got It – But How Do I Learn?

Research The Living Daylights Out Of Voice Artistry,

In becoming a voice artist you need to see yourself as a work in progress and accept that it will take time for you to develop; if this development process ever ends is another debate. You also need to get some coaching, I have made some bad choices (for another blog) and wasted money. I then went hard into to the research phase – absorbing the content of Bill De Wees on You Tube, Gravy for the Brain, for resources webinars and materials. I also googled the living daylights out of everything and anything related to voice overs – some great, some not so great.

I also did some free work to get to know my equipment (in all senses) to progress my journey to become a voice artist.

Be Business Minded When Becoming A Voice Artist

Be Business Minded

Right from the off, from the very beginning of your development you will need to see all of your purchases both in time, training and equipment as investments. Be business minded, write a business plan, set goals, market yourself, your growing skills; be excited about where your going and let people know. Get involved in the community, check out Twitter explore all the hashtags related to voice artistry, start a linked in profile for you and your business.

“Pull the trigger…”

You may be in this as a hobby, and thats more than fine, but if not – to use a business term – ‘pull the trigger’ and go for it. Set yourself real, achievable business goals: In one year I will, in two years I will, by year three I will be…

In Summary

In choosing to embark on this journey, you have empowered yourself to become something more, something you may have always known was in there; now you just need to open the door – behind which await endless possibilities.

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