Showreels – The Making Of

Having spent hours in the recording studio, then post production refining the content for clients. I must admit to failing to ask in advance if I could use the completed content for my showreels. Upon having resounding yes’s from the wonderful people I have worked with to date; it dawned on me that as almost everything included in the showreels is in production – this will be the first time people can hear my work outside of a studio; and that is immensely exciting.

To maximise the mileage of every syllable.

I am learning fast that this business involves marketing, a lot of marketing; like a lot. And not satisfied with the end product alone, a successful VO must use their best work to showcase their talents to new clients. To maximise the milage of every syllable.

This brings me to the completion of showreels which has taken a massive amount of work (wipes sweat from brow) but has been so worthwhile. I have just added a full portfolio of work that I am immensely proud of and will form the spine of this brand new website.

All of the work, every voice contained therein is solely my voice, and when listening to recordings for clients it does allow you a moment of reflection ‘I did that, I made it’. So if there Are any budding voice artists out there; my key piece of advice would be to work up a showreel of whatever you have to get started.

Pay 2 Play

In this case, the showreels form all of my work to date from pay 2 play sites. I have thoroughly enjoyed the experience of putting this body of work together and have just enough content to make each one a reflective piece in its own right.


I have also taken the ‘gamble’ of adding video backgrounds to the showreels, I wanted to add something a little more absorbing than the content and to help immerse the listener. If you feel the videos are a distraction please do let me know; I am hoping to improve as much as possible through feedback and really value this.

So please let me know what you think of the showreels, I have to be honest in that I have included every piece of work for which I have received permission. It’s therefore been a challenge to add variety but that will come with time and further work, which I am hoping to generate through this website.

Thank you for reading and for your time.

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