The Beginnings

There is a great saying with reference to all things romance, that the beginnings are always the best. The same can be said of the start of any adventure, filled with hope and courage to go into uncharted territory. You won’t know the local customs, the language, the practices; but there isn’t anything you can’t learn. You know you have talent, you know you’re a hard worker, so it’s time to set off, to summit a mountain beset with untold challenge.

In this case I am seeking to do what I have always promised myself I would. I would use my creative talents, I would pursue a career of self employment. I see this as an adventure inspired by may baby son, to make him proud of his daddy. Which brings me to this blog and also this website.

The Day We Found Out We Were Pregnant (Her Hands Not Mine😁)

I am 40 years old and have longed for a career as a self employed creative. I have always been involved with acting from my first casting as the star in my primary school play. I have always had an affinity with accents and the ability to make characters come to life. The natural career step for me would be acting of some form or another. However, I have been embroiled in a standard fare of getting on the housing ladder, pursing a ‘stable career’, getting married and settling down.

As soon as we discovered we were pregnant, a switch flicked inside me, to make a career out of my passions. So all my son knows of his father is a man who goes after his dreams, who glows in technicolour because his is doing what he was built to do. Rather than his dad, the project manager, who goes to work each day and comes home, a shade of black and white, a testament to settling for a career. I choose to spend the rest of my life being the former of these two scenarios; lest nothing stop me. I am going to be a voice artist, a voice actor and a vibrant, original, creative artist.

The Poo Phase

Fast forward 6 months and whoever said that the beginnings are always the best are wrong; very very wrong. I have spend a great deal of time honing my skills as a voice actor, learning my equipment inside out, studying, researching and auditioning against the best in the business. I have had a few jobs, but am still to break even. In the world of creatives, the first 12 months can best be termed as the poo phase. But its worth it, because I know in my heart I will get there.

Becoming A Voice Artist

In the past 6 months, I have gone from having never worked as a professional creative, to receiving paid work. I have poured my heart and soul into auditioning and had to learn the separate discipline for this the hard way. But I am getting there. I have honed the skills of annunciating, pronunciation, pace, variety, versatility and many post production tricks and skills.

Working with a voice coach, the advice has been ‘you are a fantastic talent’ but if you don’t have a website, how are you going to showcase your work. So, let’s build a website and here we are.

So Welcome

So welcome to the journey, in reading this blog you are in some way involved. Someway helping me teach my son that in life, you should do what you love, its taken me 40 years and the birth of the most beautiful little boy in the world to realise that.

So welcome to the website, a portfolio of recent work and an opportunity for me to get involved with you and your business. Welcome to the adventure, one with a foundation of talent; built with hard work – you are most so welcome.

Thank you for reading, please do get in touch if you need any additional information, to provide feedback or hopefully to work with me.

Hi Baby Jac xxx

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